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The Phantom Menace report

Published: 22.08.1999

Finally the wait is over. Episode-I hit Norway this weekend. For those of us that where blocked out by the Trade Federation (work) from going to the US to attend the opening weekend there it has been a long wait, but for a Jedi patience is a virtue.

When all the commercials for these trivial things where finished and the THX trailer very starting to play the public where applauding eagerly. The same thing happened when the Lucasfilm logo where displayed. In the film the same occurred when R2-D2 and C-3PO came on screen, more like to welcome back an old friend. One of the things the public, me included, didn't like was that the opening titles where in Norwegian.

The critics in general didn't understand a clue, but that wasn't big news. I guess that the few critics that liked the movie will get a cross-examination from they're colleague on the next critics convention. Anyway the media where shooting pictures from all angles in front of the first showing. Se my pictures here.

Well I guess you already have guessed that I loved it. Actually I didn't believe that it should bring back the same feelings that I got when I saw Star Wars for the first time decades ago, but it really did. It's different on the surface, but it's still Star Wars with it's mythology and all. Of course with a lot of stunning effects, but if you only seen the effects, you haven't seen it at all. After seeing it for the third time at Colosseum this morning (we got breakfast with the ticket) I can say that it is getting better each time I see it.


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