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Star Wars

Attack Of The Clones report II

Published: 22.05.2002

After seeing the movie for the second time I can say that was kinda different. It doesn't smack your face the second time - you are prepared for the most jaw-dropping scenes so it was actually better this time cause of that :) And the third time...

The rest contains some spoilers!

This was the Norwegian premiere (22/5)- the first one was the world premiere. You may wonder why there has been a pause in screenings. That cause the 17th of May is our national day and not many people would consider going to a movie theater - well who knows, maybe some of us would have been drawn by the force.

The theater was taken over by storm troopers and 4 Royal Guards protecting the Emperor. Darth Maul (thought he was dead) also visited the theater, but the new apprentice killed and took his place. The lightsaber fight took place in the corridors of the theater out of our sight - guess they have some problems getting those lightsabers to work without the guys from ILM ;)

I'm sure that Yoda would have won that fight easy if they have finished it, no doubt about it. Yoda's look to Dooku sayed something like "Now we are done playing my young padawan!". While Dooku ran, Yoda showed us the true ways of the force when he choosed to save Anakin and Obi-Wan. And this time I managed to see some more of what our little friend did when he used his lightsaber, but to learn those moves I need time and probably some help of an effect house ;)


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Attack Of The Clone report
Attack Of The Clone report II
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