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Attack Of The Clones report

Published: 19.05.2002

I have been waiting for the release of Attack Of The Clones for quite a while already. Always when you expect much from something the chances for getting disappointed is quite high. Will George manage to lift Star Wars back to where it should be (just to say it:I loved TPM as well)? The answer is short and it's YES YES YES! I love this film!

The rest contains some spoilers!

All the locations are so beautiful. We get to see more of the complex Coruscant, we travel to the water planet Kamino where we learn more about Janga, Boba Fetts father. Geonosis a world built of rocks makes the arena of the biggest lightsaber fight we have seen and maybe ever will. And we go back to familiar places like Naboo and Tatooine. Nice to be back at Luke's home again. Naboo is more beautiful than ever and of course the arena for the love part of the movie.

ILM has again managed to lift the level of realism in CGI. Where TPM sometimes looked "not real" AOTC doesn't and you never think that this isn't real. How they will top this in episode-III I can't tell, but I'm certain they will.

It is very interesting to see a movie where you know most of what must happen, but still don't know how the story would be told. The story is getting darker all the time and we gets to see more of how and why Anakin turns to the dark side.

Yoda has somehow gotten a different look and feel when he became all digital, but he also gave us the most ultimate show ever. After seeing Yoda using the force you really know that you don't wanna mess with this guy. He is just awesome. Who else can gather up a Sith's lightning attack in a ball and throw it back and make it look so easy. He gave us the final prove about who really knows the force. On top of that he is a hell of an actor :)

I have often wondered if this little guy really could use a lightsaber. And by that I have done the same mistake as Luke ones did - judged him by his size. This is the most fantastic lightsaber fight I have ever seen. His words from Empire - "Judge me by my size, do you? Hm?" got a new meaning while I tried to reconnect my jaws to my head. I really hope that he will get the chance to finish his little lightsaber fight with Dooku in the next movie without the need to baby-sit young "wannabe" masters as Anakin and Obi-Wan.

I guess I have to see the DVD version frame by frame to actually see what really happens in all the amazing scenes in this film. But before that I gonna see it on the big screens many more times!

After the movie was over the crowd gave it a big applause so I think everyone was pleased with it.

Is it the best Star Wars ever? Well that's quite a hard question to answer cause although this movie is much like The Empire Strikes Back it is also in another league or should I say galaxy than anything seen before when it comes to imagery and effects. Actually there is no need to answer the question at all, cause Star Wars isn't 6 different films it's one story. Think of the day when you can sit down and watch all 6 films end to end. The only thing that would beat that is that George gives us episode VII-IX.

Thank you George Lucas for making this fantastic film!


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