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Star Wars

AOTC cleans the table in Norway

Published: 01.06.2002

Just checked the boxoffice numbers here in Norway (numbers are from Norske Filmbyråers Forening and Filmweb) and it seems the public likes Star Wars even though the critics doesn't. Big surprise - NOT!

In the weekend 24-26 of May AOTC swooped in 71% of all moviegoers on the Top 20 list and in the whole week 22 (24-30 of May) the same numbers was 68,2%.

(If you read this on a later time new numbers are of course posted, but you could see the numbers I talk about here: Weekend 24-26/5 and week 24-30/5)

The force is strong in this one!


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AOTC cleans the table in Norway

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