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Star Wars

Waiting for AOTC...

Published: 28.04.2002
Updated: 04.05.2002

At the moment I'm waiting for the release of episode-II of Star Wars. Actually I have been waiting since 1999 when TPM hit the screens. Also here in Oslo people have been lined up for almost a week to get premiere tickets, but not in the same numbers as last time I think, cause I got tickets to a screening which starts 15 minutes after the official premiere in Norway. And I used the Internet as soon as that service was opened so I'm satisfied with that.

What do I expect from AOTC? A lot of course even though TPM had a more childish language than I though was necessary. But I loved it anyway :)
As always the Internet is full of "news" about the new film, but if AOTC is even close to what Ain't It Cool are telling us, it would be so cool. There is also more and more positive reviews from people that have seen the movie up front. Check out the reviews from Home Theater Forum and Countingdown. From what I have seen in the trailer I think maybe this could be one of the best Star Wars movies ever and that is without even thinking of what George could pick out of the sleeves for episode-III. Just thinking about all those Jedi's battling it out is mind-blowing.

Digital Projection
One of the theaters in Bergen (in norwegian) have actually got their hands on a digital projector. A news paper here in Norway said that only 13 theaters in Europe will show AOTC digitally so I'm really thinking about getting over there later in May. Something like 550 km to go by car, but I'm sure it will be worth it.


Waiting for AOTC...
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