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Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.......


We all know how the story continues. And if you don't know I really have to ask where in the world you have been or maybe you just have been in the wrong galaxy. George Lucas managed to make the best story ever made. Where does he get it from... Maybe he just is a true Jedi Master and is telling us the story as it once happened. If that's true, I hope he also tells us how we could leap back to his universe. If that had been possible I would have done everything to be a Jedi. We just have to wait until he reveals it.

While you wait for Episode-II you could read ALL about the Star Wars universe on the best movie website ever created, the official Star Wars site, as long as you remember to come back here.

If you are interested in reading Star Wars fan fiction I would recommend The Star Wars Fan Fiction Library which contain a lot of stories.


Waiting for AOTC...
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