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Who is the person behind this site?

If you don't know me, here are some information about the editor. I was born back in 1967 and has from that day tried to have as much fun as possible. Haven't succeeded with that all the time if you wonder.

I live in Oslo, Norway although my domain name doesn't say anything about that. It's not that easy to get your own domain name in this country.

Before I moved to "Tigerstaden" (Oslo) I lived in the middle part of Norway at a small place called Høylandet. Coming from Høylandet makes me a Highlander, so if you have seen the movie you should know a little more about me :-)

I earn my living by working in the telecommunication industry and I can't say anything else that I'm pretty happy with that.
I have the opportunity to play around with computers and mobile devices everyday, well I guess it's more like working than playing.

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