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Some images from the place where I live today. I took the pictures one summer day when I didn't have anything else to do. These pictures where taken in the summer of 1999

Pictures from some of our roads.

PIC00007 PIC00008 PIC00009 PIC00010
PIC00028 PIC00029 PIC00030 PIC00031

Some images from the Oslo fiord.

PIC00001 PIC00002 PIC00004 PIC00003
PIC00005 PIC00006 PIC00021 PIC00022

The bay area.

PIC00013 PIC00014 PIC00015
PIC00018 PIC00019 PIC00020 PIC00023

Aker brygge (wharf).

PIC00024 PIC00025 PIC00026 PIC00027

Random images.

PIC00011 PIC00012 PIC00016 PIC00017
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