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The X-Files

A tribute to The X-Files

Updated: 08.03.2002

X-Files is in my mind one of best TV-series ever made. Why you may ask. Cause it grasped something that many people think is thrilling, but maybe not something they talk about very often.

The first 3-4 seasons was brilliant with fantastic stories that made the series enormous popular. After that the quality in the stories started to vary. That was of course naturally, cause people always expect more. It's hard to always top the stuff that you already made.

Mulder and Scully

Fox MulderFox Mulder was X-Files for me and for many with me. He was the true believer that saw things, understood things that no one else would even consider possible.

Dana Scully of course also played a key part in making this series what it is, but without Mulder opening here eyes she would just have been a normal agent. But she managed to get Mulders feet on the ground from time to time. What she did manage was to keep X-Files from taking completely off. You may say it did, but I don't think it really did. Of course the cases they was working on was the not the common ones, but some could have happened I think.

What about Doggeth and Reyes?

Could the new characters (Doggeth and Reyes) ever live up to Mulder and Scully? Probably not, cause its hard to recreate what made X-Files into a phenomenon. That includes everything from Mulders need to find out what happened to his sister and Mulder and Scully relationship. Mulder was a true believer from day one and the X-Files was his mission in life. If the creators manage to bring X-Files back to life I would be really glad, but I'm still not sure it would be X-Files. It's like if you successfully clone a person it still wouldn't be the same person no would it. I'm a believer, but still no Mulder.

The X-Files coming to an end

After season eight Mulder leaves the X-Files for good and by that in many ways killed the series, for me anyway. This is my meaning without even have had the possibility to see season nine. Just finishing season eight here in Norway. Mulder was X-Files from day one and X-Files evolved with him. Seems like Chris Carter also agrees with me as they have decided to end the series after season nine. Nice to hear that David is coming back to play Mulder again for the final episode. That's really nice, I'm already looking forward to that episode.

Thanks to the people that made X-Files.


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