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Snowboard Camp Stryn 2001

Published: 26.07.2001

Just got home from my first camp in about 10 years time (Ye I have been snowboarding for a long time) Snowboarding for 7 days in the summer is really nice!

We where training for about 4 to 4,5 hours each day from Monday to Friday. When you are jumping and the fastest way to get up to jump again is to go on foot in summer snow you really regret that you didn't train more. The soggy snow brings you back 1 step for each 2 steps you take up the hill. On top of that you get quite wet, but who cares, about that when you stand on the top ready to jump again.

The last to days we where just freeriding without our instructors. Well they was hanging around, but that was because they wanted to go snowboarding themselves.

The weather changed from sun to rain and back again. That's normal up on the glacier so we smiled all the time anyway :) This year there was little snow so next year it probably be lots of it!

After scrutinizing the videos from the day we usually ended up for a short visit at the pub. Cold beer is really nice after a long day in the mountain.

I really enjoyed the camp! Met a lot of cool people up there that I hope I will meet again. Next year… or maybe even before that. I could really recommend this to others. Of course you need some snowboard experience before you go, but other than that... I will appreciate if you bring a big smile with you ;D

I will post some stills from the videotapes that we shoot later on.

If you wanna go I could tell you who to call! The next one is in 2002 ;)


How is the best possible way to play in the winter?


Well that should be a easy question. Close your eyes... when you have opened them again you could continue reading ;-) well think about this: The mountain is covered with a lot of powder without any tracks and the sky is blue (not needed as long as you have good clothes). It's quiet and the only thing you can hear is yourself tightening your snowboard bindings. After that there is just you and your board surfing your way down the mountain. Could it be better?

For you guys who only jumps around with your freestyle boards, you should try a alpine board some time. Maybe you can't play around as much with it, but the feeling is .... hard to describe.. ahhh you just have to try carving, then you would know what I'm trying to tell you.

The images below is from Mayrhofen, Austria on a day with plenty of real powder. I think they where shot back in 1993 by my friend Tom.







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