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The information area of this site

These pages will give you a quick tour on my earlier design.

I have added a optional animated earth/logo in the upper left corner. If you want to try it use the "Rotate Globe" button on the bottom of the left menu (if your browser supports it). For users with low bandwidth I will recommend that you don't, as the gif is about 186KB. If you left my site with the globe spinning it will automatically start spinning when you come back as long as that is within 7 days. If you get some problems please send me an e-mail.

This site is dedicated to some of the things that I like to play around with. Well I had to leave something out, because otherwise the profile of the site would have been quite different ;-)

I've decided to use English as the main language. As you know there seems to be more people in this world that understand english than norwegian. Maybe I will translate something into Norwegian sooner or later, or just use my own dialect (read:Hålleng). Some of the links are sending you to Norwegian sites, so if you don't read my language you could be heading into trouble. Well just return to my site and you will feel fine again.


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